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The American Association of Project Managers is a not-for-profit learning organization and a professional body. The Association was formed by project management professionals as a vehicle for advancing the development of project management principles, methodology, and tracking software.


The Objectives of the American Association of Project Managers are as follows:


 To promote and develop the profession of project management to businesses and organizations.


 To promote and propagate sound managerial, technical and commercial practices relating to the project management profession with the view of enhancing the quality of professional functions undertaken by its members.


 To set the standards to measuring its members competence and performance using standards and methodology consistent with the highest levels of the project management profession while meeting or exceeding the needs and requirements of businesses and organizations.


 Provide Project Managers with nationally recognized credentials who have demonstrated the highest levels of project management competency.


 To support and review formal training programs at all levels in project management.


 Evaluate project management software and project tracking tools.

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